The way to Heaven – Gura Portiței

Gura Portiței – literally translates as “Little Gate’s Mouth” , though I would rather say it is “The Gate’s opening”. There is really no better way to describe this place other than “pure heaven” – at least for those who enjoy peace, quiet, nature, and the sea. The summer resort is located on a strip of sand separating the Black Sea from the Danube Delta and the Golovița Lake, about 50 km away from Tulcea.

The place is simply divine, almost entirely isolated from today’s “civilisation” and its wilderness is simply breathtaking – barely touched by man, incredibly beautiful and truly relaxing. If you visited the crowded part of the Romanian seaside – places like Costinesti, Constanta, Vama Veche – I promise that this place will blow your mind, being probably one of the most withdrawn and quiet tourist destinations on the entire coastline.
The access to this wondrous heaven is made by boat from Jurilovca, Tulcea.



Now you might think that too much peace and quiet is overdoing it, but worry not, because there are plenty of activities or programs you can take part in – there are special programs for ornithologists, hunters or fishermen, but you can always rent rowboats or motorboats and take a few trips on the Danube Delta channels. Photographers will also find their own little heaven, the materials available to work with here and in the nearby areas being almost endless.


The village itself is wonderfully picturesque, with small houses painted with white and blue motifs, and surrounded by colourful flowers. At the exit towards the sea, there is a beautiful, sandy beach with sunbeds, umbrellas, a playground for the children, and a tennis field.

The small paradise is recommended to those who need a getaway, fresh air, crystal-clear waters and amazing food. And if you also want to learn something while you’re here, there are local guides who can accompany you on trips, they can show you the best places to visit, and tell you more about the history of the place.


If you are the buzzing kind and regardless of needing rest, you simply cannot stay in one place all day long, remember that not too far you can find the ruins of the ancient city and the fortress of Histria, as well as the fortress of Enisala, built on the top of a hill, easily seen from afar. In the nearby village of Enisala you can also visit a fully equipped and decorated household-museum, where you will better understand the local way of life as it unfolded decades ago.




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