Why? Because I love it. 90 km of road passing through the Făgăraș mountains, from Argeș up until near Sibiu. If it’s not yet clear, the name of the road – TransFĂGĂRĂȘAN comes from the mountains it passes: trans = across, over, through. This beauty makes the connection between two of Romania’s main areas – Muntenia (or Great Wallachia) and Transylvania (silva in latin = forest -> across the forest)

The mountain road is incredibly spectacular, with breathtaking views for any nature lover. The air is clean, the grass is green and the sky is blue….how else could it be? Honestly, it is one of the places that are worth a visit!

Here are some technical details for those interested:

  • the road crosses through the counties of  Argeș and Sibiu
  • its official designation is DN7C (National Road 7c)
  • it crosses through the highest mountainous group in Romania (part of the Meridional Carpathians)
  • it is the second highest paved road in Romania, at 2042 m (after Transalpina – 2145m)

Okaaay. There are some more details, but as a tourist once told me “What do I need a tour guide for? I’ll just check Google!” so I will stop with the technicalities here.

However, I would like to mention that at the opening of the road, there have also been inaugurated two monuments in the name of the soldiers who died building “the best road in the world” (it wasn’t me who said it, but that dude from Top Gear). The monuments have been left in ruin until 2009, when they have been fully restored. Their names are Poarta Geniștilor (Sapper’s Gate) and Poarta Întâlnirii (Meeting Gate) –  and they are positioned at 1200m and, respectively, 1600 m.

One more thing…quite important I’d say…the road is only open from the 30th of June until the 1st of November due to the dangers caused by snow and bad weather. During the summer, there are also some night restrictions. And if you wish to get to Bâlea Lake during the winter, just take the cable car!

I actually wrote all this because I like the following video. Seriously, it’s really nice.

And if you don’t have the patience to watch all of it, Jeremy Clarkson praises it at 5:42.


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