I once heard a saying about Romania. It was something along the lines of “we have a beautiful country, too bad it’s inhabited”. I wouldn’t really say that, I’d rather say “too bad that there’s no one decent enough to vote for”. Yes, there are too many individuals who appear to be here only to destroy the image of a country, city, etc, but let’s be honest, these people are everywhere.

We notice our own first of all because of all the TV shows which promote their stupidity. To be honest, I don’t watch TV, but if I end up in the vicinity of one that’s turned on and I hear the bull coming out of it, I must admit, it’s like I’m hypnotized. Back to the topic – no, it’s not a shame that Romania is inhabited, and here is why:

Most of our lovely Romanians are intelligent, resourceful people, but first and foremost, they are incredibly creative! How many things do we actually know about our own country and our people? Well, here are some examples that our country takes pride in.

  • The first man-carrying monoplane of basically modern configuration (Traian Vuia – he later also designed helicopters )
  • The Jet Engine (Henri Coandă)
  • The parachuted chair, an early form of today’s ejection seat ( Anastase Dragomir)
  • The studies regarding the possible trajectories the Earth – Moon, used in preparation of the “Apollo” –  which led the first man on the moon. (Gheorghe Botezatu)
  • Karpen cell (perpetuum mobile – a device that generates energy indefinitely without outside intervention– Nicolae Vasilescu-Karpen)
  • Cholera vaccine (Ioan Cantacuzino)
  • Insulin injection(Nicolae Paulescu)
  •  The first fountain pen (Petrache Poenaru)
  • The concept and foundations of cybernetics (Ștefan Odobleja)
  • Nerve regeneration device (reseaarch team, lead by Ioan Lascăr)
  • Artificial blood (research team of UBB Cluj, lead by Assoc. Prof. PhD. Radu Silaghi-Dumitrescu)

And these are just a mere part of all the cool stuff we invented.

Also, here’s a video. Enjoy!

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